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How You Can Reduce Hot Tub Chemicals with Ionizers

Nothing feels better than having an enjoyable, relaxing soak in clean, safe, and healthy hot tub water. Add some hot tub accessories such as unbreakable beverage glasses and floating snack trays for the ultimate in pampering!

However, to prevent your tub water from becoming cloudy or unsightly, you need to add measured amounts of chemicals. As safe as they can be when used correctly, not everyone enjoys soaking in water treated with chlorine and bromine, especially if they have a sensitive skin condition or are allergic to chlorine.

Even with proper water balancing, your water might still not be as optimal as you’d like. The more dissatisfied you are with your water, the less likely you’ll be using your hot tub.

Fortunately, ionizers can help you get back in the water so you’ll never deny yourself a relaxing spa massage again while giving you a luxurious soak in mineral water at the same time.

How do ionizers work?

Ionizers provide the perfect means to not only keep your water clean and clear, but they can also help reduce hot tub chemical usage and extend the life of your hot tub and its components.

That’s because ionizers continually release positively-charged microscopic ions such as zinc, copper, and silver into the water. These natural minerals are highly attracted to the negatively-charged bacteria in your tub and eliminate them upon contact to correct the water imbalance their presence causes.

By adding this system to your spa, you’ll be cutting down on the amount of chemicals you add to your hot tub water. Although hot tub ionizers aren’t designed to be a chlorine or bromine alternative when used in conjunction with them they can reduce hot tub chemical use by up to 80%. That makes the mineral water in your hot tub as friendly and safe as the water you bathe and shower in.

Unlike chlorine and bromine, the zinc, copper, and silver ions released by ionizers are long-lasting, won’t dissipate or evaporate, and won’t have their performance affected by pH levels, aeration, or sunlight.

It’s the perfect blend of natural chemical reaction and technology that fits any brand, size, or shape of the tub – all working together for your enjoyment!

Of course, salt is a natural mineral too that can also be used to generate a sanitizer in water. Although saltwater systems are available for hot tubs, they might not be the best choice to keep spa water clean and safe.

Why you should replace your hot tub salt system

  • Hot tub salt systems have been used by pool owners for years as they are a completely safe, natural, and convenient way of keeping their pool water clean.
  • Should be Pool salt systems have been used by pool owners for years as they are a completely safe, natural, and convenient way of keeping their pool water clean.

Hot tub salt systems have been used by pool owners for years as they are a completely safe, natural, and convenient way of keeping their pool water clean.

It only stands to reason that your hot tub should have a saltwater system too, right?
Not exactly.

Saltwater systems work well in cooler water, such as the water in your pool. However, with hot tub temperatures reaching as high as 104⁰F (40⁰C), bathers tend to secrete more organics, which means that you’ll use up sanitizer more quickly. This means adding more chemicals to keep the water clean, possibly leading to over-chlorination – which is what you are trying to avoid by using a saltwater system in the first place!

In fact, you will have to add other chemicals just to counterbalance the effect of the salt system!

Unlike most pools, spas have internal and external metal components which are sensitive to salt exposure. Remember why we don’t like salt on the roads in the wintertime? It’s because salt attacks metal, breaking it down and leading to rust and corrosion. Your sensors, heater elements, jets, and other metal parts are at risk of salt corrosion with a saltwater sanitizer, which leads to poor performance, costly repair bills, and shorter life expectancy.

If you’re considering a hot tub salt system, or currently have one, new laws have been passed that will render them no longer functional in hot tubs as the salt products required to operate the system are being discontinued. Remember – these new rules apply only to hot tubs, so your pool salt system will be unaffected by the new regulations.

However, this also makes it the ideal time to make the switch and enjoy the benefits of a hot tub ionizer system for a perfect natural mineral water soak!

Benefits of a hot tub ionizer

One of the biggest benefits our customers’ report is that their skin feels soft and smooth after soaking in spa water that’s treated with an ionizer. This also means that users with sensitive skin, who cannot tolerate traditional sanitizers due to eczema or other skin conditions or are allergic to chlorine can enjoy the superior water quality with peace of mind that they won’t get the same harsh reaction that they would with other sanitizers.

Plus, your bathing suits won’t be exposed to as many chemicals, so they won’t fade prematurely or carry a strong chemical odour after you wear them in the water.

Here are some of the other benefits offered by hot tub ionizers:

  • Reduces use of hot tub chemical maintenance by up to 80%
  • Far less expensive to purchase and install than salt systems
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Less chemical smell when you remove the hot tub cover
  • No pH fluctuations to worry about
  • Replacement parts are far less expensive than other systems
  • Can be installed on any brand and configuration of hot tub
  • Weatherproofed for all-season use
  • Consistently healthy, shimmeringly clear water

Another important benefit to switching to an ionizing system is how easy it is on your hot tub components by eliminating salt and reducing exposure to chemicals, maintaining their efficiency, helping them last longer, and cutting down on repair and replacement costs.

ClearBlue IonizerTM for Hot Tubs

If you’re unsure which ionizer is best for you, we recommend trying the ClearBlue ionizing system. This unit brings you all of the above benefits, plus easy to use controls and a reputation for long-lasting reliability backed by an industry-leading 5-year manufacturer warranty.

ClearBlue’s replacement parts are user-serviceable, so you don’t need to call a technician to update or service the system. Right from the start, the ClearBlue ionizing systems is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to keep your water as perfect as possible, bringing you excellent value over the long term.

It’s peace of mind worth investing in, while elevating your hot tub experience.

Want to Reduce Hot Tub Chemicals? Try a Hot Tub Ionizing System in Mississauga, Oakville, and the Greater Toronto Area

Reduce hot tub chemicals, extend the life of your equipment, and enjoy cleaner, softer, healthier water with a hot tub ionizer! Visit Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs at 309 Lakeshore Road East in Mississauga and speak to our award-winning staff for recommendations on a spa ionizer that best suits your needs. We look forward to seeing you!

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