Romance and relaxation are always on the menu with the 520 model. With room for 2 to comfortably lounge and up to 60 fully customizable jets ready to target pressure points throughout your body, the 520 lets you disconnect from your busy life to bring the romance back into your love life and savour the bliss.

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2 people (opposite dual seating)41 – 60 Jets


Seat Capacity2 people (opposite dual seating)
Cooling Seats
Personalized Therapeautic JettingCustomized to suit your massage requirements from a minimum of 41 to a maximum of 60 different types of jetting combinations at no additional cost.
Dimensions57 x 75 x 30 inches
Weight425 pounds (dry) / 1885 pounds (filled)
Water Capacity175 US Gallons / 662 liters
Protection for you100% worry-free- simple & straightforward Guarantee

Pricing starting at $6,999 Bi-Weekly payments $33.12

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