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Learn about what you need to know if you are getting products or services with us during COVID-19.

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Learn about what you need to know if you are getting products or services with us during COVID-19.see details
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Avoid Winter Hot Tub Repairs with Our Winter-Ready Hot Tub Checklist

So, “water” your winter vacation plans?

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the travel hopes of people itching to get away this winter, especially since travel options were so limited over the summer. Even if you could visit a tropical beach, many countries require (and strictly enforce) self-isolation once you arrive. Once you’re allowed back out, social distancing policies limit the number of people allowed on the beach, at the pool, or in a restaurant at the same time.

Not only that, you and your family will have to self-isolate upon your return. Sounds like you’ll need about 6 weeks to accommodate 2 weeks of vacation!

Now picture this: a getaway that allows you to relax, recharge, and be reinvigorated without any restrictions, and all the food you can eat with complete privacy for you and your family whenever you need it.

You can get it all in your very own backyard hot tub!

Hot tubs create the perfect backyard oasis any time of the year, but they’re especially fun when you need respite during the cold winter months. However, you do need to take steps to make sure your tub is winter-ready before the temperatures drop.

Winter-Ready Hot Tub Checklist

To make preparing your hot tub for the cold season easier for you, we’ve compiled this Winter-Ready Hot Tub Checklist that covers everything you need so you can have a worry-free “winter staycation” this season and avoid unnecessary hot tub repairs:

Hot tub ionizers:

Have you ever lifted your hot tub cover and noticed that the water isn’t quite as clean and clear as you would like it to be? If opening the lid becomes stressful because you don’t know what you’ll find underneath, chances are you’re going to stop using your hot tub and take more baths instead.

But before you move the sandwich tray and portable bar into the bathroom, consider installing a ClearBlue ionizer to keep your hot tub water sparkling clean and fresh!

Ionizers offer the most reliable and economical system available today that actually help you reduce your chemical usage and lower your maintenance calls. Ionizers can be installed on any brand, size or configuration of hot tub, and helps people with sensitive skin, allergies, or other skin conditions so they can have a hot tub experience without irritation.

These units clean your water by releasing positively charged ions (zinc, copper and silver) that are highly attracted to negatively charged bacteria to neutralize the chemical imbalance. This effective way of eliminating bacteria allows you to reduce the chlorine or bromine you would normally add to your tub by up to 80%.

This means that your hot tub water will have the same amount of chemicals as your home tap water, making it as gentle as the water you soak in when taking a bath.

In short, ionizers help you reduce your chemical usage, maintenance bills, and worries over sensitive skin. It’s a win-win-win that also leaves your hot tub water clear and sparkling all winter long. You may never want to get out!

Hot tub covers:

Have you noticed that your hot tub cover seems as if it has gotten heavier over time? Chances are it’s because your cover really has gained weight!

Most of that extra weight is water from rain and melted snow that has permeated through the cover and absorbed into the underlying foam. This happens slowly over time as the seasons change, so you likely won’t notice it all at once.

However, when the cover gets too heavy your cover lifter can get damaged from the excess load. When that happens, you’ll have two items to replace instead of just one. Replacing your cover when it starts to feel a little bulky will help you avoid this unexpected expense.

Hot tub cover lifters:

If you’re buying a new cover, it’s a good idea to also purchase or upgrade to a new hot tub cover lifter at the same time so you’re best set up for easy use.

It’s important to select a cover lifter that works with the configuration of your setup. For example, is the spa built into a deck or recessed, or are there any space limitations adjacent to the tub such as a fence or wall? There’s a cover lifter for virtually every situation, but be sure to ask your hot tub professional for their advice on which type would work best for you.

Spa filters:

Everyone knows to change the filter in their home furnace, but what about their hot tub filter?

Your hot tub water will only be as clean as your filter. A dirty filter will make for unsightly water, tempting you to close the lid, forget about hot tubbing, and flip on the TV.

Wouldn’t it be better to clean or replace that filter and roll the TV out to the hot tub, like any good Canadian would?

Hot tub filters typically last 1 year if properly maintained, which involves rinsing them down every few weeks and chemically soaking them every few months.

Without proper maintenance, you could get foamy or cloudy spa water, or chemical inefficiency that will increase your chemical usage and costs.

Before the snow flies, or if your filter is approaching the 1-year mark, check if it looks discoloured, if the bands or pleats are uneven, or if it emits an unpleasant odour. These are all signs that your filter needs to be replaced.

It’s also a good idea to keep two filters on hand should you need to switch one out a few hours before that hot tub party or family film festival.

Hot tub jets:

Did you know that in the winter, our muscles are tighter than during any other season? This is when your hot tub jets really shine, as they provide the massage action and relaxation you so desperately need.

The fall is the perfect time to replace your hot tub jets because doing so is much easier when the tub is empty, as you can access them from a better angle. Most of the jets can be replaced with water in the hot tub, but changing the ones that are lower or in the very middle might prove difficult.

The best practice is to purchase the jets you need to maximize your massage and install them when you do the last drain and fill of the year, which should be just before you turn off the garden hose for the season. This way, you avoid having to drain your tub during frigid January or February temperatures.

Now that you’ve gone through the checklist, you’re all set for an amazing winter staycation, featuring the best experience your hot tub has to offer!

Get ready for your winter staycation with our “Get Your Hot Tub Winter-Ready” Sale!

For a limited time, get amazing deals on everything you need to ensure your hot tub operates smoothly all winter long. Ask us for details about which products will work best for you – and have a worry-free winter staycation!



Avoid Winter Hot Tub Repairs in Mississauga, Oakville, and the Greater Toronto Area

Our Winter-Ready Hot Tub Checklist will help you avoid unnecessary hot tub repairs this winter so you can enjoy a relaxing spa massage anytime you want! Visit Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs at 309 Lakeshore Road East in Mississauga and speak to our award-winning staff for recommendations on everything you need to make sure your hot tub will provide you with enjoyment all winter long.

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