Our world has changed a lot in a short period of time and we are adapting quickly to make your experience with us the best one possible. However you may want to know what changes you should be aware of before you call for service or shop with us. Below is a list of those changes we have adopted from our normal operation. If any regulations are updated that change the way we can help you, the information below will also be updated so you don’t have to wonder “What do I need to know?”

Retail Store

  • Hours of Operation – Our store hours will be constantly updated on Google and our website. Please use only these two sources as the others can take longer to update.
  • In-Store Shopping – Our doors are locked to control traffic flow however we are now allowing customers on the showroom floor up to a maximum of 3 at one time. Please come to the front door and ring the doorbell or knock so a staff member can let you insideIf there are more than 3 customers in the store, please ring the doorbell and wait for us to help the people in front of you. If you place your order online, we can have it ready to save you time when you arrive.
  • In-Store Social Distancing – We have set up designated Zones to give you a comfortable amount of space while you shop. Please do not enter a Zone if someone else is shopping in it until they have vacated that Zone.
  • In-Store Payments – We are only accepting credit cards at this time because we are being instructed to minimize contact anywhere possible so we cannot accept cash until further notice. We also cannot accept chip-pin transactions to eliminate handling of the payment terminal, so we are not accepting debit until further notice. Purchases over the tap limit ( which varies ) can only be done using a credit card. Note: If you would like to use a debit card, please place you order using our online store which accepts debit transactions using PayPal.
  • Product Orders & Online Store – Our new online store is now open which we highly suggest using as it will allow you to select your products more accurately and we can have them ready much faster. There will also be special savings not found in-store and helpful info that you can access anytime. We are no longer accepting any phone orders for pool or hot tub chemicals.
  • Water Testing – Yes, we are offering water testing as we know this is an integral service that helps even an advanced pool or hot tub owner stay on top of things. We have a system where we do not touch your water sample bottle for safer handling practises. If you would like your analysis results emailed vs printed, please inform the staff member serving you and they will be happy to help.

Pool Services

  • We are performing all pool services with respect to maintenance and necessary repairs/replacements on both the pool equipment and the pool itself. However, no elective upgrades or services that are not a necessary repair can be done until further notice.
    1. My pool lights don’t work, can I fix them? Yes we can fix them.
    2. Can I upgrade my working pool lights to LED? No we cannot upgrade them.

Hot Tub Services

  • We are performing all hot tub services with respect to maintenance and necessary repairs including cover replacements. Our Drain Clean Scrub services are now available.

Hot Tub Sales and Installations

  • Since we are now allowed to have customers on our showroom floor, please come down and visit us to speak with an expert so you can learn more about our hot tubs.

We want to thank you for your continued support during these times. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please do not hesitate to let us know so we can help.

Peter Vecchiarelli    |  Owner and Manager