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Which Pool Filter is Right for Your Pool

Pool filters are an integral component of your pool that removes dirt and contaminates from the water, keeping it clean, clear, and sparkling. They are available in either sand or pleated cartridges.

How they work is actually quite simple. As water travels through the filter, suspended dirt particles become trapped in the filter’s silica sand media or cartridge material.

In the case of sand filters, the captured particles build up over time and the filter needs to be “backwashed” to rinse the sand clean. Cartridge filters can be removed and cleaned with no need to backwash, saving both water and the environment.

Hayward Pool Filters Sold Here

Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs exclusively sells Hayward pool filters. Hayward filters offer the very latest in pool filter technology to ensure your pool water is clean and clear. Their simple operation and low maintenance requirements set new standards for performance, value, and dependability.

Sand Pool Filter

The time-tested and most popular method of filtration is sand. Impurities are extracted from the water using sand to collect and attract debris as small as 20 microns.

Hayward ProSeriesTM sand filters provide efficient flow, thorough backwashing, and an advanced self-cleaning under-drain system for the best value in filtration.

To enhance your filter’s performance, you can have it installed with Zeobrite®, a special media collected from volcanic ash which provides improves filtration down to 10 microns – 2x times finer than sand. Zeobrite® will boost your water flow rate while reducing pump strain and energy costs, expanding your filter’s capacity so backwashing and cleaning requirements are reduced by half.

Pools using Zeobrite® almost never go cloudy because they continually benefit from this added performance, making it the preferred choice for many pool owners.

Cartridge Pool Filter

When water passes through a cartridge filter, dirt as fine as 5 microns is screened out by the cartridge element.

SwimClearTM filters provide the most energy efficient flow with no backwashing, saving up to 2,500 gallons of water per year. This lowers the cost of operation and delivers superior water clarity.

Hayward Pool Filters in Port Credit and Mississauga

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