Pool Closing

Like all good things, every pool season must come to an end. Not only will you miss entertaining family and friends at the pool, you’re now faced with the task of closing your pool for the winter.

Like opening your pool, closing your pool involves an important series of steps to make sure your pool and pool equipment will be properly prepared to endure the winter. If not closed properly, you could be facing very expensive pool service and maintenance issues when it comes time to open it again.

Trust the pool experts at Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs to properly close your pool for the winter.

Our pool experts will make sure that your pool is completely prepared for the winter, resulting in a smoother opening in the spring. We’ll lower the water level, add the proper chemicals, and winterize your equipment and the complete underground pool piping system so you won’t have to worry over the cold winter months.

Select from two pool closing packages that will fit your needs and budget!

Standard Pool Closing Package

Traditional Pool Closing with complete winterization of your pool
(Maximum time allocated 2 hours x 2 person crew) ****

Our Standard Pool Closing Package includes:

  • lowering the pool water level
  • adding pool winterizing chemicals (MSRP $35 – chlorine & algaecide )
  • winterizing pool equipment
  • removing pool fittings and pool deck equipment *
  • blowing out pool waterlines
  • installing winter cover

We recommend you bring a sample of your pool water to the store ONE WEEK before closing. Water left over the winter months changes significantly and if this is not balanced before closing, it can cause damage to the pool liner, concrete, or fiberglass surfaces.

Click here for Standard Pool Closing details and pricing ***

Please reference out pool zone area for pool service

Deluxe Pool Closing Package

Hands-off Pool Closing with thorough cleaning & water balancing
(Maximum time allocated 2 hours x 3 person crew) ****

Our Deluxe Pool Closing Package includes:

  • A visit to your pool to balance the water using your existing chemicals (extra chemicals available at an additional charge) one week prior to pool closing
  • complete vacuuming of pool at time of pool closing with our industrial grade equipment (up to 1 hour)
  • lowering the pool water level
  • adding Bioguard® Premium Closing Kit (MSRP $70 – Hiber Shock, Hibernate Algaecide, Stain & Scale Control)
  • winterizing pool equipment
  • removing pool fittings and pool deck equipment *
  • blowing out water lines
  • cartridge filter only – removing pool cartridges for you to clean and store (power wash cleaning – $25 extra )
  • installing winter cover
  • cleaning of pool shed / equipment area
  • blowing pool deck and surrounding area clear of debris before leaving

Click here for Deluxe Pool Closing details and pricing ***

NOTE: Pool Closings do NOT include any repairs to the pool or equipment. Please contact us to book a separate service call for any services not listed in any of our pool closing packages.

*Per guidelines from the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada and Industry Standards for Improved Safety, we legally cannot attach or remove diving boards from the pool due to safety issues.

****Extra time is charged at $150/hour at the beginning of each additional hour 

***Prices quoted are for work within our primary zone. Please check the zone map and call us for pricing if you are in the secondary zone.

Pool Closing Services in Port Credit and Mississauga

Since 2004, pool owners in Mississauga, Oakville, and the Western Greater Toronto Area have relied on the professionals at Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs to efficiently open and close their pools. Call us today at (905)-891-8818 to make pool closing easy.