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Pool pumps are the driving force of your entire pool pulling water from the surface skimmers.

Your pump then sends the water through the filter for cleaning, through the heater for heating, and to the sanitization system for disinfecting before returning it back to the pool through the return jets.

Your pump is so integral to your pool’s operation that investing in a top-quality pump with a proven performance record is important to keeping things running at peak efficiency.

Lakeshore Pools and Hot Tubs exclusively sell Hayward pool pumps for their quality engineering, long-lasting dependability, and exceptional operation. Recognized as an industry leader, Hayward’s line of high performance and medium-head pool pumps pioneered energy efficiency.

NSF® and UL® rated Hayward pumps are equipped with heavy-duty motors that provide incredible, smooth-running operation.

Hayward Super Pump VS 700 OMNI WiFi – Expert Line:

  • Newest and most affordable WiFi system in the pool industry
  • Monitor your pool 24/7 or adjust equipment settings with the touch of a button
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Nest voice control
  • Can control 3 pieces of pool equipment ( pump, heater, lighting )
  • Service to install $600*
  • Includes a FREE $100 mail-in rebate
  • 3 year warranty



Hayward Super Pump VS 700
– Expert Line®:

  • Save up to 70% ( approx. $600 per season ) on energy costs vs conventional pumps!
  • Programmable variable flow rates
    to optimize equipment
  • Improved eco version of the industry leading Super Pump with upgraded Viton Seal
  • Service to install $150*
  • Includes a FREE $50 mail-in rebate
  • 3 year warranty



Hayward Super Pump 700
– Expert Line® 1HP:

  • Recognized as the best-selling
    pump in the North American
    pool market
  • Save on energy costs vs conventional pumps!
  • Unmatched industry leaking performance and durability
  • Flexible installation can be
    adapted to meet the needs
    of virtually any pool type
  • Service to install: $150*
  • 2 year warranty


*Prices quoted are for work within our primary zone. Please check our zone map and call us for pricing if you are in the secondary zone.

Hayward Pumps in Port Credit and Mississauga

Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs carries a wide selection of pool pumps that will meet your requirements. We’ll take care good care of your pool so you can get back to enjoying it. Please call us at (905) 891-8818, or visit our store at 309 Lakeshore Road East in Mississauga. Our team will find you a pool pump that meets your energy and budgetary needs.

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