Hot Tubs Promotions

Get Started Bundle

Lakeshore Pools and Tubs Get Started BenefitsTake advantage of amazing factory pricing combined with the Lakeshore Pools Get Started Bundle. It’s the perfect package to ensure you receive all accessories and services required so you can enjoy the best hot tub experience. A site visit prior to the tub purchase and after the delivery, installation for a personalized in-home hot tub introduction are the kind of things we feel you cannot afford to skip with this investment.

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The Natural Mineral Hot Tub

Lakeshore Pools and Tubs ClearBlue Ionizer SavingsWe know you want to spend your time enjoying your hot tub, not taking care of it. The ClearBlue Ionizer is a fantastic option that can be added to your hot tub and reduces your chemical requirement up to 80%. This system has proven to be highly effective and extremely durable carrying an industry leading 5-year warranty. You can have the lowest maintenance hot tub ever while bathing natural mineral water.

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Hot Tub Chemical Promotions

Beachcomber Mississauga Hot Tubs April - June Water Care PromotionSpring is here and we have some promotions you should spring on right away. Save on hot tub covers, chemicals, filters and accessories with this special offer.

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