Robotic Cleaners

If you’ve had enough of struggling with hoses to clean hard-to-reach spots in your pool, you’re ready for an upgrade to a robotic pool cleaner that does it all for you!

Robotic pool cleaners offer the latest technology to make pool cleaning easier and faster than ever. Robotic pool cleaners are tough, self-contained machines that can clean along the waterline, to the bottom of the deep end, and along the tightest curves and edges.

Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs proudly carry Hayward robotic pool cleaners. Hayward cleaners are easy to use, energy efficient, and keep your pool as clean and beautiful as possible. No more missed spots, fussing with hoses, or free time spent manually scrubbing your pool.

eVac PRO

evacProThe eVac PRO is built with the highest-quality components and proven technology that provides reliable, consistent results while maximizing energy efficiency.

  • Cleans the floor, walls and water line
  • Easy top access – no turning the cleaner over to empty
  • 2 cartridge filter elements – just remove and rinse with garden hose
  • 3-hour cleaning cycle
  • Calculates pool size and programs itself for the most time and energy-efficient cleaning path
  • Saves you money – uses up to 94% less energy than most pressure cleaners
  • Runs separately from the pool’s pump and filter system so your skimmer does not have to stop cleaning the surface of your pool while it is being vacuumed
  • Cleans all residential pool surfaces, gunite, vinyl, or fiberglass up to 20 x 40 feet
  • Out-of-water sensor protects the motor by stopping operation while out of the water
  • Beach entry sensor detects when it’s climbing out of the water and reverses direction
  • 2-year warranty

Click here for the eVac PRO user manual

Robotic Pool Cleaners Port Credit and Mississauga

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